Meister Media Debuts PrecisionAg Professional

pa-professional-logo-501x282Agricultural technology is accelerating, and precision agriculture, which has the potential radically change the way crop inputs are used, is gaining interest around the world.

That’s why AgriBusiness Global magazine’s sister publication, PrecisionAg®, will now publish a new 6-time-per-year publication called PrecisionAg® Professional. Additionally, PrecisionAg® E-News will become PrecisionAg® Professional Update, and will be recast as the “Global Hub for AgTech Innovation” with AgTech Global, which focuses on the global precision ag market, and Horticulture Technology (in collaboration with Meister Media’s horticulture brands).


Why are we doing this? Simple. We want to help you improve the professionalism and profitability of grower services. Now you can look forward to receiving a regular flow of information and news centered on three important areas:

  • Tools and Smart Equipment
  • Grower Services and Solutions, and
  • Business Management

You’ll receive the premiere edition of PrecisionAg Professional magazine in February 2017. We hope you are as excited to receive this new magazine as we are to bring it to you!

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