Acadian Seaplants Opens a Factory in India


Perry Bevin, Chief Financial Officer of Acadian Seaplants Limited, cuts a ribbon during the factory’s opening ceremony, accompanied by APH’s Business Director Soumendu Ghosh and Ramesh Shah, Managing Director of Standard Pesticides.

Acadian Seaplants Ltd., the parent company of Acadian Plant Health (APH), has announced a major milestone in the company’s geographical expansion. Early in the year, Acadian Seaplants Ltd. established a wholly owned subsidiary company in India, Acadian Seaplants India Private Ltd., and opened a processing facility in collaboration with a local partner Standard Pesticides, at Vadodara, Gujarat, in the western part of India.


This event had been preceded by APH forming new business partnerships and the launch of their biostimulant products and Acadian BioSwitch technology in India last year, during the National Round Table of CEOs on Eco Agriculture and Bio Products.

Vadodara is known for Kirti Mandir — the mausoleum of the princely Gaekwad dynasty, which ruled the Maratha Confederacy from its formation in 1721 until 1949, when it acceded to the newly formed Union of India.

The Acadian Seaplants Pvt. Ltd. facility will repackage Acadian Plant Health’s brands such as Stimplex, Toggle Plus and PromOcean for the Indian market as well as manufacture several of Acadian Plant Health’s newest products within its soil health solutions – the SoliGro line of products. The products made at this facility will have a very positive effect on increasing Indian farms’ productivity in a sustainable way and will support the Indian government’s initiative of doubling farmers’ income by 2022 and improving soil health. In celebration, the India Post issued a commemorative postal stamp that features Perry Bevin, Acadian Seaplants’ Chief Financial Officer, who had the honour of cutting the ribbon during the factory’s opening ceremony.

Acadian BioSwitch technology creates innovative, sustainable plant health solutions. It is a ‘trigger technology’ that enhances natural processes within plants by switching on gene expression and production of active compounds that stimulate plant growth and protect against environmental stresses. It powers APH’s agricultural products sold in India such as Stimplex, Toggle Plus, PromOcean, AscoMax and SoliGro GR.