Italpollina Launches

Italpollina, a world leader in the production of organic fertilizers, natural biostimulants, and beneficial microbials for use in agriculture has announced a new global initiative – the launch of

Italpollina acquired the domain of for the purpose of providing the industry with an innovative website with complete information about this very important topic. It presents non-commercial content in a friendly and informative manner, invites interaction throughout the agriculture/horticulture community, and bridges users to technical, scientific, and regulatory information on a global scale.


Italpollina, with a long history in Ag-Bio-Science, places an uncommon focus on research and technology and believes that biostimulants are essential for the future of agriculture. According to Luca Bonini, CEO of Italpollina, “biostimulants are a sustainable and cost-effective answer to meeting the food production needs of the world’s population. As a leader in the field of biostimulants, we want to help advance the industry as a whole. By providing access to industry-leading researchers and cutting-edge science via we can do that.”

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