Seipasa Receives New Phytosanitary Registrations of Pirecris and Seican in Colombia

Seipasa, the Spanish company specialized in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, and biostimulants for agriculture has obtained phytosanitary registration for its pesticides Pirecris and Seican in Colombia.

This certification approved by the Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute (ICA) enables the company to step up its product portfolio for the Colombian market with two solutions that provide maximum efficacy and cost-effectiveness for the control of mites, diseases and pests with a high impact on crops.


Pirecris is a bioinsecticide that has a powerful shock effect for the control of pests such as whiteflies, thrips, aphids and Cicadellidae. Its design is based on an exclusive formulation thanks to the perfect balance between PI and PII molecules that form the active substance, and which afford maximum insecticidal efficacy, both for field crops and greenhouse crops.

Seican is a wide spectrum miticide, fungicide, and insecticide of botanical origin that has three different, complementary modes of action.  It is fast-acting, and guarantees high levels of efficacy at low doses, which makes it a very cost-effective tool in treatment programs.

Both Seican and Pirecris have been developed in line with Seipasa’s Natural Technology model.  These solutions are compatible with auxiliary fauna and have short preharvest intervals.

Reinforcement of Seipasa’s Brand in Colombia

For José Luis Egas, Seipasa’s Latin America Business Unit Manager, the arrival of these new registrations lays the first stone for building the company’s ambitious project in Colombia. “Seipasa started distributing its products in the Colombian market just over a year ago and today we are presenting two new solutions that provide an enormous qualitative leap in our production portfolio in the country,” Egas explained.

Seipasa’s Latin America Business Unit Manager adds that Pirecris and Seican are “two amply effective solutions with an extensive international track record, designed to protect crops. They have been tested in agricultural systems worldwide and have obtained phytosanitary registration in other countries, which reinforces their soundness and their trustworthiness for Colombian farmers.”

José Luis Egas also stated that with the arrival of these two new phytosanitary registrations, Seipasa is able to fulfill its commitment to Colombian producers which is to equip them with tools that offer maximum efficacy and cost-effectiveness for the protection of high-value crops such as avocados, rice, potatoes, coffee, bananas, or flowers, among others.

Both Pirecris and Seican will be distributed through Agromilenio’s sales network in Colombia.