Micronutrients Have a Macro Impact

Micronutrients are not new to agriculture, and their popularity has ebbed and flowed, viewed as a extravagance used when times are good and the money rolls in, and they’re one of the first things to vanish from the prescription when times are tougher, writes Dan Jacobs at CropLife.

That distinction is disappearing.


“Over the past few years, we have seen a renewed focus on micronutrients,” says John Oppelt, Director of Alternative Crop Nutrients for American Plant Food. “Micronutrients as a category were once considered a luxury input. Now, with education and product performance this category is beginning to enjoy the attention that it deserves as a necessity.”

Micronutrients have become more mainstream, says Dr. Mojtaba Zaifnejad, Senior Director of Field Research and Technical Services for Bio Huma Netics. “Most farmers understand the need for them, especially with a proper soil and/or tissue/sap analysis. It’s becoming stronger and more mainstream each year.”

That’s a sentiment seen across the industry.

“We’ve seen consistent and aggressive growth in micronutrient over the last few years,” Brian Haschemeyer, VP, BRANDT Discovery & Innovation. “We expect continued growth in micronutrients in 2021.”

As promising as the year was, 2020 did present a few complications.

“We have been involved in the micronutrient business for over 30 years, and while 2020 offered some logistical challenges, our volumes remained similar to the previous year,” says John Bowen, Owner, Cameron Chemicals. “Having three U.S.-based production facilities, gives us a strategic advantage to some of our competition who is importing finished goods. Just-in-time shipping abilities, coupled with warehousing across the U.S., puts us in a great position to be a just-in-time supplier.”

And it means those providing micronutrients to the industry have reason to be excited about the future.

“With the ever-growing level of awareness for what our crops and markets need from a nutritional standpoint, Helena is very optimistic not only for 2021, but for many years to come,” says Josh Byford, Brand Manager of Coron and Nutritionals, Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC.

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