China: Kiwa Bio-Tech Achieves Agriculture Breakthrough With New Fertilizer Processing Technology

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp., an emerging agricultural company that develops, manufactures, and markets bio-fertilizers for use in the multi-billion China agriculture and aquaculture markets recently completed research of a new fertilizer processing technology with the Institute of Bio-Agriculture of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences, the Research Center of Ultrasound Technology of Harbin University of Technology and the Environmental Group of Harbin University of Technology.

The results of the research showed the solubility of solid fertilizers (including granules and powders) produced by traditional fertilizers in water has been increased by nearly 30%.


The success of this research will enable the drip irrigation equipment to be used in the process of fertilization in arid and semi-arid agricultural planting areas. Because of the rough traditional production technology, the fertilizer cannot be completely dissolved in the drip irrigation equipment, and the waste of fertilizer can be thoroughly dissolved. This new process enables the granules of Kiwa’s fertilizer to reach nanometer fineness in drip system equipment and dissolve 100% in water, which will help Kiwa’s fertilizer products to be more widely used in agricultural market.

In addition, Kiwa has signed a strategic agreement with Beijing Digital Cooperative Information Technology Limited. (DCIT). DCIT has developed a cooperative management system with big data as the core. This technology is effectively and perfectly combined with Kiwa’s Trinity Agricultural Marketing Model (Scientific Planting; Standardized Management; Industrialized Operation).

Nearly 13,000 farmers’ cooperatives in Shaanxi Province of China are systematically managed. The fruit planting area involved is nearly 40 million mu (Approximately 6,589,477 acres). Under the guidance of systematic management in the next three years, it will gradually become Kiwa’s fertilizer market.

Kiwa’s CEO Ms. Wang stated “This technology breakthrough will help gain a tremendous market share for the Company in the near future and the cooperative with DCIT will also speed up the company’s goal to achieve standardization of Agriculture industrial chain.”