Kiwa Bio-Tech Announces Expansion Into China Agriculture Free Trade Zone

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp., a company promoting eco-friendly biological fertilizer products, has announced that the company signed a strategic cooperative agreement with the administration committee of Yangling Area of China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The agreement provides for cooperation of the two parties in the following:


1. Kiwa Bio-Tech will establish a subsidiary company in Yangling to further develop its harmless agriculture business.

2. Establish a Research Institute of Kiwa Bio-Tech Agricultural Biological Technology that would be designed to include, among other functions, a Research and Development Center, International Cooperation Center, Project Laboratory, Data and Information Center, a Special Committee for Harmless Agricultural Standard System Establishment and Staff Training Center. Yangling shall provide support in the fields of agricultural technology innovation and policy coordination.

3. Establish Kiwa Bio-Tech Fermentation Factory for fertilizer products. The Fermentation Factory, which is currently in the planning stage would cover approximately 24.7 acres with the factory is designed to produce 300,000 tons of microorganism bacterium agent series products annually.

4. Establish a Comprehensive Trading and Logistics Center for International Agricultural Materials, Agricultural Products, Agricultural Machinery and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

5. Establish an Agriculture Standard System. Kiwa Bio-Tech will work with the various governmental departments which will specify agricultural standards applicable to Yangling, with a view to establishment of an agricultural industry standard system with respect to microbial fertilizer, biocide, agricultural planting, agricultural products processing, and agricultural products market.

Kiwa Bio-Tech CEO Yvonne Wang stated “Kiwa Bio-Tech’s concept of harmless agriculture can contribute to the development of the agricultural industry system standard in the Free Trade Zone, while the company could can also benefit from the policy supports, agricultural technology innovation, mature agricultural industry system, and international platform.”