New Homogeneous Granular Fertilizer Improves Crop Performance, Sustainability

Timac Agro USA, a global innovator in crop nutrition, and Rainbow Plant Food, a legacy brand, have collaborated to bring a new generation of fertilizer efficiency tools to the agricultural market.

“BLUE is a new fertilizer efficiency tool harnessing the innovation and technology of Timac Agro USA and elevating the high-quality precision nutrients and micronutrients offered by Rainbow Plant Food so that ultimately growers can realize higher profitability and higher performance with a layer of protection to help be more environmentally sensitive,” explains Michael Pisciotta, Timac Agro USA Director of Agronomy, Southern US.


BLUE fertilizer products are comprised of superior homogeneous granular technology and a mixture of natural substances that benefit agronomic production. They work to maximize peak performance from the soil to the plant. They can be used as a singular source for all necessary nutrients, or as part of a blend to reap the benefits of enhanced fertilizer efficiency across every acre.

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