Yara EVP: India Needs to Simplify Registration Process for New Fertilizers

Terje Knutsen, EVP, Crop Nutrition of the Oslo-based speciality fertilizer major Yara International ASA, recently attended the Fertilizer Association of India annual conference. In an interview with BusinessLine, Knutsen shared his thoughts on why he thinks India needs to correct its policies in crop nutrition sector.

While addressing the gathering at the FAI annual seminar, you said there is a need for India to correct its policies in crop nutrition sector. Can you please elaborate on the concerns you have?
Terje Knutsen: One of our key concerns is that registration processes for introduction of new fertilizers should become time and cost-efficient so that Indian farmers have timely access to new products. This will help raise productivity and make Indian agriculture globally competitive.


India is among the countries that have high imbalanced NPK application ratios. What can India do to improve it?
TK: Farmers have had the tendency to use more urea since it is subsidized heavily. The environmental damage caused by the inappropriate use of fertilizers is certainly a matter of serious concern in many states.

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