Bayer CropScience Opens Weed Resistance Competence Center in Frankfurt

BCS_VerticalLogoBayer CropScience’s recently opened Weed Resistance Competence Center (WRCC) in Frankfurt, Germany is designed to tackle weed resistance and develop new weed control strategies, and share knowledge with the global community of farmers, agronomists and scientists.

Understanding weed resistance and improving weed control solutions
As a scientific institution, the WRCC will act as Bayer CropScience’s global reference center for weed resistance management, the company says. The core activities of its 12 full-time personnel cover three areas: understanding weed resistance mechanisms and their evolution in the field; developing and testing new weed control strategies; and sharing Bayer CropScience’s knowledge and weed control solutions with the entire value chain.


“Bayer clearly recognizes the threat weed resistance poses to our business and to agriculture in general,” says Harry Strek, Head of WRCC. To date, 238 weeds have developed resistance to common herbicides, diminishing yields by up to 70%. “The WRCC will help us learn from the past and develop solutions that secure harvests in the long run.”

Get a virtual tour of the WRCC here.

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