AMVAC, Rovensa Next Among Top Ag Companies to Watch in 2024

Every year a few companies show promise that are worth keeping an eye on. In a recent AgriBusiness Global DIRECT, industry experts share their view on which companies in the agricultural industry are worthy of watching in 2024. These companies are categorized into four segments: crop protection, biologicals, ag tech, and plant health.

In the crop protection segment, Bayer Crop Science is mentioned as a company that needs to make significant changes due to a market downturn. The new CEO, Bill Anderson, is expected to come up with a plan to reassure investors and customers about Bayer’s innovative capabilities. CAC Group is another company to watch in this segment, as it has achieved remarkable sales and profit growth and is expanding its production and research capabilities. Favorito, a company dedicated to the formulation of insecticides, rodenticides, and molluscicides, is also expected to continue growing in 2024.


In the biologicals segment, AMVAC is adjusting itself in the biological space through new acquisitions, partnerships, and products. Their GreenSolutions sales have reportedly increased by 21% in the first half of 2023. A.G. Bio Systems has invented a novel bioherbicide derived from bacterial metabolites and is working towards tackling global market potentials. Rovensa Next, a promising company, has invested in a Global Research and Innovation Biosolutions Centre in Brazil and has launched a biostimulant called Biimore (also known as Vorax).

In the ag tech segment, CropX Technologies is a leader in digital agronomic farm management and has made several advancements and acquisitions in 2023. GROWiT offers protective farming products and has significant potential in developing countries, particularly in India. aerodyne group has developed drone technology for precision agriculture and has a presence in 45 countries.

In the plant health segment, Pivot Bio, Inc. is a sustainable agriculture company that has experienced rapid growth and plans to increase manufacturing and distribution in the U.S. Sri BioAesthetics has launched a new Integrated AgriBiotech Center and manufacturing facilities in India, focusing on developing products for drought and salinity stress. AgriTecno, based in Spain, specializes in biostimulants and plant nutrition and is venturing into ag tech using satellite image technology.

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Overall, these companies are expected to make significant advancements and contributions to the agricultural industry in 2024.

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