Eden Research’s Kenyan Partner Gets Approval for Fungicide

Eden Research’s partner, Lachlan Kenya Limited, has received approval to begin selling Eden’s 3AEY, a microencapsulated fungicide, in Kenya.

The product, which targets Botrytis on a variety of crops, will be sold under the trade name Hawk,


“The approval in Kenya, the order from Lachlan, and the subsequent sales of 3AEY are all key milestones which represent Eden’s progression from being an IP development company to a commercial operation,” said Eden CEO, Sean Smith. “We expect that growers, retailers and consumers will all appreciate and benefit from the safety and efficacy of our naturally-derived plant protection products. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of the first produce treated with 3AEY in the UK and the rest of Europe as an exciting milestone for Eden and our shareholders.”

“Lachlan has been working with 3AEY for a number of years and we have been very impressed with its safety profile and efficacy,” said Richard Stone-Wigg, CEO of Lachlan. “Marketing trials with customers have confirmed this, and we are pleased to now be in a position to get this product into a market which is demanding zero pesticide residues, especially on exported fresh produce to Europe.”