ICAMA Announces New Registrations

The Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals (ICAMA) of the Ministry of Agriculture announced several new crop protection product registrations.

Benzobicyclon technical and formulation from SDS Biotech will be registered in China for the first time, The registration is part of ICAMA’s list of the third batch of products to be approved for registration in 2016. Also approved was pentoxazone from Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 



In other crop protection approval news, Lier Chemical Co., Ltd. became the first Chinese enterprise to register aminopyralid technical (95%). Previously, only Dow AgroSciences had registered aminopyralid technical (91.6%) and formulation (21% aqua). Sino-Agri Leading (Tianjing) Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. had repacking registration of its formulation product.

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