Isagro Announces New Research Center

Isagro S.p.A. inaugurated, a New Research Center (NRC) in Novara, near the company’s Milan HQ.

The facility encompasses  9,400 sq.m. of which 2,250 sq.m. is laboratory space, 1,370 sq.m. will be used for a greenhouse and  750 sq.m. as a manufacturing plant. The new Isagro’s Research Center is a symbol of continuity of the “saper fare italiano” (Italian Know-how) with reference to chemistry and, in particular, with reference to chemistry which supports agriculture.


“Through its New Research Center, Isagro aims at representing an example and an encouragement for other companies,” says Giorgio Basile, President and CEO of Isagro. “In such an important day for us we would like to convey a strong and clear message: ‘we can remain with our head and our heart in Italy; tools and strategies to do so already exist.’ The Isagro case largely demonstrates it.”

Read more about the research center here.