FaunaSmart, BioScience Solutions Form Innovative Collaboration in Crop Protection

FaunaSmart and BioScience Solutions have announced a cooperation within strategic business development and innovation strategies in crop protection.

Harry Teicher, owner and founder of BioScience Solutions, has considerable experience within the agchem and biopesticide industry and provides solutions to the challenges the crop protection industry currently faces.


FaunaSmart is developing innovative tools for precise, real-time, in-field diagnostics of pests and further connecting this information to solutions: selection of the best product(s), combining conventional and biopesticides. FaunaSmart is on a mission to build the strongest decision support system for farmers by integrating in-field data in a most precise way, using DNA as well.

“With the FaunaSmart system we are opening the doors for a true innovation to take place across the entire crop production industry. This is where Harry Teicher’s support in building strategic partnerships and collaborations with the agchem and biopesticide industries is a tremendous asset for us at FaunaSmart,” said co-founder and CSO of FaunaSmart, Dragana Vukasinovic.

“With the system that FaunaSmart is offering, significant strategic synergies can be anticipated through the integration of biological and conventional crop protection — not only between products, but also between the knowledge bases for these strategies,“ said Teicher. “This will give a new generation of integrated crop/product strategies coupled with real-time scouting, monitoring, and data evaluation, as well as targeted drone-based application technologies that could provide significant and sustainable opportunities for differentiation in the highly competitive crop protection market.”