Marrone Bio Innovations Signs Distribution Agreement in North Africa

Marrone Bio Innovations announced its partnership with ÉLÉPHANT VERT, a Swiss group that strives for healthy and sustainable agriculture, with the support of the Antenna Foundation.

Together, these two pioneering players of the biological crop protection market have the products and knowledge to bring sustainable solutions for improving both yield and quality to farmers in North Africa.


ÉLÉPHANT VERT, which has 300 employees in five countries in Africa and Europe and develops and markets organic amendments, biofertilizers, biostimulants and 100% natural biopesticides made in four production units, will develop and market two of MBI’s products in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria:

  • The biofungicide REYSANA™ is currently labeled for use by growers of tomatoes, peppers, grapes and cucurbits. Reysana contains the same ingredients as MBI’s Regalia® Maxx Biofungicide, which is already marketed and sold in more than 10 countries worldwide.
  • The bionematicide MAJESTENE®, which protects crops from yield-robbing nematodes. The product is inside the registration process.

Vincent Thieyre, Products & Solutions Development Director of ÉLÉPHANT VERT, said: “Integrating biopesticides into crop protection programs benefits all production, and is increasingly important for exporters of vegetables in the region. Growers of key crops in Morocco are eagerly awaiting Reysana’s official launch event in Agadir on September 21st, 2017, followed by a similar event in Tunisia. These events are significant milestones that solidify the cooperation between our two companies.”

Dr. Pamela Marrone, CEO and Founder of MBI, said: “We are delighted by this partnership that is part of our international development strategy; this agreement enables MBI to expand to new markets in North Africa while meeting farmers’ needs with innovation-driven biological products.”

Sébastien Couasnet, CEO of ÉLÉPHANT VERT, added, “This agreement opens up new promising development opportunities to provide North-African farmers with a wider range of natural, efficient and innovative solutions.”