India: Needed, a Vision Document for Agriculture

For a country with half the population dependent on agriculture, India does not have a visionary agricultural policy document that charts out the course of action towards food security, farmer welfare, climate-resilient farming, and environment-friendly agriculture, writes Ram Kaundinya at For populous countries like India, agricultural security is as important as national security. We do not have a well-articulated plan that is accepted by all political parties and all the States. It is important to create such a document. If all can come together for GST, why not for agriculture? An agricultural council, on the lines of the GST Council, should be formed.

Agriculture is a State subject. But in a globally connected agricultural situation, States cannot be expected to develop strategies that optimise returns at the national level and, at the same time, ensure farmer welfare in their States. Agriculture has to be brought under the Concurrent List.


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