CropLife India Hails Pro-Farmer Union Budget

Commenting on the occasion, Asitava Sen, CropLife India CEO, said, “It was a delight to learn that the new Government continues to be committed to double farmers’ income by 2022, focus on developing rural entrepreneurship and green economy. The measures announced by the Government like investing significantly in agriculture infrastructure and aim to form 10,000 new Farmer Producers Organizations (FPOs), will boost the agrarian economy.”

With a view to reduce cost to farmers, GST on crop protection products may be considered to be reduced from current 18% to 5%, which is in line with other input industries such as fertilizers.


Favorable policies and incentives for promotion of recycling of used crop protection containers (after cleaning), as per global best practices may be considered. Recycled Plastic Containers can have various end-use applications including road surfacing, toilets, fences, outdoor furniture etc. This will be in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for adopting a circular economy approach and also prevent environment degradation from waste plastic disposal.

Precision Agriculture and New Technology

Satellite driven big data analytics and digital solutions are helping farmers globally to make better and more informed decisions with regards to weather, soil nutrients, pest and diseases and crop management. One of the areas, which we believe will have a major impact and needs government intervention is “Use of Drones” for spraying Crop Protection Chemicals, which can have several benefits for the farmer and the environment.