ICSCE 2023 Delhi: Indian Agrochemical Event Highlights Market Trends, Sourcing Opportunities

PMFAI President Pradip Dave

PMFAI President Pradip Dave inaugurates ICSCE 2023 Delhi with the traditional lighting of the candle.

The 18th International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition (ICSCE 2023 Delhi) took place in Gurugram, New Delhi, India at the Hyatt Regency Gurugram on 7-8 September 2023. The event was organized by the Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India (PMFAI).


The two-day event made an auspicious beginning with a warm welcome address by PMFAI President Pradip Dave on 7 September. ICSCE is an international trade platform for the agrochemicals, agricultural biologicals, and allied products industry, to develop strategic and sourcing relationships with international companies and to get updated on current trends in the market. ICSCE is also an annual international event organized by PMFAI to improve the health of generic pesticide industry and to bring the researchers in the field of agriculture, pesticide manufacturers, agrochemical traders, agricultural biological industries, and allied industries under one roof.

After the first event in 1997 in Mumbai, India, ICSCE has come a long way to achieve the recognition as a premier agri inputs event connecting the world of the agrochemicals, biologicals, and agriculture sector. In 1997, agrochemical exports from India was Rs.270 crores, but now has reached Rs. 44,000 crores. ICSCE provided opportunity for business expansion by way of joint ventures, bilateral trade, sub-contracting/contract manufacturing and distribution, and networking opportunities for buyers and sellers to benefit mutually.

ICSCE 2023 Delhi was well attended with active participation of delegates from across the globe. Sixty eight leading companies showcased their product portfolios during ICSCE 2023 Delhi. With more than 750 plus registered delegates, the event was a great success.

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Delegates represented countries across the world, including: Brazil, Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Taiwan, USA, UAE (Dubai), Uganda, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Coinciding with the event, PMFAI and the Vietnam Pesticide Association (VIPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in the area of production and distribution of crop protection products, enhancing Indian and Vietnam cooperation in agriculture and the crop protection market and to resolve issues faced in trade. Twenty seven member trade delegates participated in the event.

The Iran Trade Delegation, consisting of 16 members from the Association of Pesticide Manufacturers Industry of Iran, also participated in the event. PMFAI had discussion with Iran Trade Delegation members for cooperation in the area of production and distribution of crop protection products and enhancing cooperation between the two countries.

The event hosted renowned pesticide scientists and industry experts, who gave presentations on various important topics. Brief details are provided below:

  • Address on Fostering Sustainable Agri-business ecosystem for Climate smart resilient agriculture in India: by Mr. Ajeet Chahal, Head – Commercial Key Accounts and Alternate Business Models, Community Lead for Commercial Scale Up of Smallholder Initiatives India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, Bayer CropScience Limited.
  • Biocontrols and Future Market: by Dr. Mark Trimmer, Partner, Dunham & Trimmer, US. The presentation captured current status and future trends concerning Global Bioprotection market.
  • CSIR-IICT’s R&D efforts to indigenously develop Technologies to support Indian Agrochemical Industry: by Dr. K. Srinivas, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad. The presentation captured CSIR-IICT’s efforts in the process development and commercialization of many generic crop protection products over the years and thereby playing lead role in assisting Indian crop protection industry. Visualizing the status in agrochemical sector, CSIR-IICT has identified mission mode project on process development of off-patent agrochemicals and key starting materials for Agrochemicals.
  • Nouryon Agriculture & Food: Product Innovation for a Sustainable Future: by Mr. Ferry Hermawanto, Technical Service Manager, Nouryon Agriculture and Food, South Asia.
  • The essence of bio control in Indian Agriculture: Needs & Challenges: by Dr. Sujoy Saha, Principal Scientist, Plant Pathology, ICAR – National Research Centre for Grapes (NRCG). The presentation covered points on effectively merging the use of both chemicals and bio control agents.
  • Digital Interventions to promote Utilization of Safer Alternates: by Ms. Manju Manjiri, Agri-Digital Tools Coordinator –South Asia, CABI South Asia, India. The presentation covered “PlantwisePlus global programme, led by CABI, improving the income and livelidhoods of smallholder farmers by helping them apply sustainable approaches to crop production, leading safer and higher quality food in domestic markets. The PlantwisePlus toolkit brings together tried and trusted digital tools to help farmer advisors to identify websites and apps that can support decision making.
  • Next Level Market Analysis – Unquestionable data, Unmatched Speed and pinpoint accuracy with Market Trends: by Dr. Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Farinsys Research. The presentation captured the next level market research tool for all sales and marketing professionals of Indian Pesticide industry.
  • Iran Agchem Market and the Opportunities for Indian Agchem Industry: by Dr. Maousd Gilabadi, Chairman, Association of Pesticides Manufacturers Industry of Iran. The presentation captured details about Iran Agrochemical market, production and imports by Iran and the suggestions to increase exports of agrochemicals from India to Iran.
  • Biostimulants Market Review and Future Opportunities: by Mr. Lawrence Middler, Lead Analyst in Biologicals at Agbioinvestor, UK. The presentation provided an overview of biopesticide and biostimulants market as well as the recent drivers that are shaping the industry, including regional performance, trends within regulation, innovation as well as competing technologies.
  • Current status of Indian & Global Agchem Industries, Impact of Chinese Manufacturing on Indian Agchem industries and way forward: by Mr. Jitendra Mohan, COO/Director, Willowood Chemicals Ltd.
  • Innovative material processing solutions helping create exciting products for a sustainable world: by Mr. Jan Wolfrum, Application and Product Specialist, Agrochemicals, EMEA, NETZSCH, Feinmahltechnik GmbH in Selb, Germany.
  • Biological Solutions for Crop Protection: Mr. Tomas Grassi, Senior Manager, Business Development & Innovation, Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
  • Drone Technology in Agriculture: by Mr. S. Gabriel Vasanthakumaran, AGM and DGCA certified Drone Pilot at Lawrence & Mayo. The presentation captured the role of Drone Technology in Agriculture, in crop monitoring, precision agriculture, crop spraying, livestock monitoring, irrigation management, planting and seeding and crop damage assessment.

The presentations greatly helped participants in gaining knowledge about the market, trends, and technologies in global agrochemicals and biologicals.

PMFAI Awards Recognized Individual Excellence in the Agri Inputs Sector in India

Coinciding with ICSCE 2023 Delhi, PMFAI organized Special Awards to honor individuals in the Indian agri inputs sector, in recognition of excellence in different areas of work, thereby contributing to the growth of the sector. The awards ceremony was attended by more 700 people. Below are the award recipients with their respective area of excellence:

  • PMFAI Award for excellence as “Women Contributor in International Agrochemical Business”: Ms. Vaidehi Jhaveri, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Crop Protection Business, Atul Limited.
  • PMFAI Award for excellence as “Women Contributor in Agri Bio Business” – Ms. Supriya Singla, Vice President, Peptech Biosciences Ltd.
  • PMFAI Award for Excellence in Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and Manufacturing – Mr. D.V.S. Narayana Raju, Executive Director, Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • PMFAI Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Management of Agri Inputs Business – Mr. Diwakar Shenoy, Director – Factory Operations, Gharda Chemicals Ltd.
  • PMFAI Award for Excellence in Sales & Marketing of Agri Inputs Business – Mr. Samir Deosthali, CEO, Spectrum Ethers Pvt. Ltd.

The Awards ceremony was followed by the entertainment program, including cocktails sponsored by SML Limited and a dinner reception.

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