Arysta LifeScience Launches Fungicides in African Markets

Arysta LifeScience, a global agricultural crop protection and life sciences company, has introduced a new systemic fungicide, Evito T, in its Kenyan and Tanzanian markets. Evito T offers African growers a product having both protective and curative attributes, and has been registered for Leaf Rust control on French beans and Yellow Rust and Stem Rust on wheat. One of Arysta’s key proprietary products, Evito T is also the first fluoxastrobin-based fungicide registered in Kenya and Tanzania. The company also launched Disarm 480 SC in Kenya, where it is registered for combating Powdery Mildew on roses.

Evito T has also been registered for use in cereals in Tunisia and Morocco and is awaiting registration in Algeria. Launches focusing on wheat are anticipated in the second half of this year.

The introduction of Evito T in North African markets represents a key milestone in Arysta growth strategy for cereals, and will strengthen the company footprint in this segment.
Wheat is the second most important cereal crop after maize in Kenya. Wheat farming in Kenya is primarily a large-scale commercial endeavor, with approximately 150,000 hectares currently under production. Wheat consumption in Kenya is expected to continue to increase due to changing dietary patterns and a robust food service sector. In Tanzania, wheat is the fourth most important crop after maize, cassava and rice. Approximately 100,000 hectares are currently devoted to wheat production, which currently meets about 10% of local consumption.

Fluoxastrobin is the third and latest generation of strobilurin fungicides. Its patented molecular design enables fast penetration into the plant tissues and uniform distribution within the plant. The unique properties of high acropetal systemicity, referred as Xylem Pro Technology, alongside with optimized formulation technology, result in rapid rain-fastness, high-level of control of a wide range of diseases, and optimized plant health in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Kenya is also a leading exporter of cut roses to the European Union with a EU market share of 38%. Approximately half of the exported flowers are sold through Dutch Auctions, although direct sales are growing. In the United Kingdom when supermarkets are the main outlets. Over 25% of exported flowers are delivered directly to these outlets, providing an opportunity for value addition at source through sleeving, labeling and bouquet production.

Flowers grown in Kenya are sold in more than 60 countries. On the global front, annual growth of five percent is anticipated in each of the next five years. Kenya will continue to invest and expand production to accelerate its growth in this market.

“Farmers in Kenya and Tanzania, where weather conditions are a major factor in yields, will now have innovative products to help them to meet multiple challenges,” said Matt Fryer, Managing Director, Arysta LifeScience East Africa. “Evito T and Disarm are both based on a molecule designed for ultimate performance, bringing rapid uptake, even distribution and minimal time to rainfastness. With solutions like these, we are closer to reaching self-sufficiency in East African food production.”



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