Willowood USA Registers Propanil Herbicide

Roseburg, OR, United States – Willowood USA has received EPA registration for Willowood Propanil 4SC, according to a press release.

The product is currently registered for use in the US rice growing states of Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Missouri. Willowood Propanil 4SC controls a wide range of both grass and broadleaf weeds in rice and is an important product to the US rice farmer. Willowood has plans in place to launch two new Propanil formulations in the upcoming months, according to the company.

“Willowood Propanil 4SC represents our first product entry into the US rice market,” said Joe Middione, vice-president sales and marketing for Willowood USA in a prepared statement. “We plan to launch additional Propanil formulations in the months that follow along with some additional products for the US rice grower.”

With its recent propanil registration, Willowood USA now has a product portfolio that spans the key US crops including corn, soybean, rice, wheat and cotton. In addition, the Willowood portfolio covers specialty crop markets such as tree fruit, grapes, and lettuce.




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