Helena Launches Products to Enhance Soil Health, Fertilizer Performance

Helena Chemical Co. said it launched two new products, Receptor and MicroMerge 55441SP, designed to enhance soil health, nutrient availability and fertilizer performance.

Receptor is an Environmental Protection Agency-registered plant growth regulator with state registrations pending. As an Advanced Nutrient Catalyst, it is labeled for increased fertilizer uptake and efficiency. It features a unique combination of three well-known plant growth regulators—IBA, gibberellic acid and kinetin. When applied with liquid fertilizers, Receptor enhances root system development and contributes to a stronger, faster growing plant resulting in increased nutrient and moisture uptake which improves plant tolerance of early season growing stresses.
Three years of extensive field research has shown that Receptor provides specific and unique benefits when blended with many fertilizer elements; either separately or together. With nitrogen, Receptor reduces nitrate leaching and increases plant uptake, while buffering the effects of salts. With phosphorus, or phosphorous blends, Receptor increases availability by protecting phosphorus from binding with calcium, aluminum and iron. Receptor can also solubilize soil-bound phosphorus and buffer the salt effects of starter fertilizers. Receptor can be applied at low use rates on a variety of labeled crops with liquid fertilizers and plant nutritional products.


MicroMerge 55441SP is a granular micronutrient mix that enhances soil fertilizer programs with a better balance of nutrients. MicroMerge blends are precisely formulated to prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies. The new 55441SP formulation is designed for turf applications. It provides a combination of five essential micronutrients: iron, magnesium, manganese, sulfur and zinc. Together in a granular form these play a vital role in many important plant functions that contribute to strong, healthy plant growth and development.

MicroMerge 55441SP is ideal for blending with mixed fertilizers and is designed to provide uniform distribution of nutrients in soil applications. The granule size and bulk density of MicroMerge 55441SP matches most dry fertilizers, resulting in a more uniform application. As part of a balanced fertility program, MicroMerge 55441SP can be blended and applied with other granular fertilizers according to specific agronomic recommendations.