China Looks to Latin America to Grow Pesticide Exports

Following China’s Zero Growth of Pesticide Policies was issued, the country’s pesticide manufacturers needed to look elsewhere to expand their operations. Many have been working to expand sales into international market. Many of those companies have found success in Latin America.

According to a report from Chemlinked by Reach24 Consulting Group, “In 2014, the total pesticide exportation volume from China to Latin America was 0.5 million tons valuing $35.8 billion USD. There are many countries in Latin America and Chinese manufacturers have covered 32 out of 34 Latin countries.”


Herbicide products account for almost half of the total products. glyphosate (33%) and paraquat (7%) are the top two products in Latin America, followed by imidacloprid (4%), and emamectin, fipronil, carbendazim, 2,4-D, and atrazine each at 2%.

Read Chemlinked’s report on Chinese exports to Latin America.

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