BASF Launches New Fungicide Solution Based on Revysol in China

BASF has officially introduced its innovative Melyra fungicide to customers in China. It is the first in a series of three planned new products for the Chinese market that are based on BASF’s fungicide Revysol. Launched during a live virtual event attended by customers from across the country, Melyra combines the latest fungicide innovation from BASF together with the company’s trusted F500 active ingredient. This provides farmers with an exciting new solution to help them harvest more marketable crops.

First announced in 2016, Revysol (common name: mefentrifluconazole) offers outstanding biological performance against difficult to control pathogens in specialty and row crops while meeting the highest regulatory standards. Farmers can trust products containing Revysol to treat a broad spectrum of diseases in a variety of crops safely and sustainably.


Catie Gao, Product Marketing Manager for Fungicides at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division in China, spoke during the launch event to highlight BASF’s ambitious plans for the new solution in China. “In January this year, we received the registrations for the first three products of our planned Revysol series, including Melyra for professional tomato and grape growers. We plan to expand the approved label to a wider array of crops, including apples and cucumbers, next year.”

Additionally, BASF plans to launch Tylora, the first Revysol-based product for use in field crops, in the second half of 2020. Cevya, an additional Revysol-based product aimed at both rice and fruit and vegetable crops, will follow at a later date.

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