U.S.: Helena to Debut Antares Complete Soybean Herbicide in 2021

Antares Complete will make its debut on soybean acres across the country next year after recently receiving federal registration from the U.S. EPA. Antares Complete is a new, multi-powered, pre-emergence soybean herbicide from Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC. With three, proven herbicides in one powerful pre-mix, Antares Complete can be used in soybean cropping systems to eliminate early weed competition with long-lasting, residual control of key broadleaf weeds and grasses.

“As an agronomic company, we know early season weed control is where we can make the greatest positive impact for our customers,” says Mark Wayland, Manager of Herbicide Brands at Helena. “With the amount of prevent acres we’ve seen in recent years, we expect weed banks to be stocked for some time to come. The unique modes of action we’re providing in Antares Complete will give growers the opportunity to strike those weeds preemptively while combating herbicide resistance, which continues to rise at an alarming rate.”


Antares Complete unites sulfentrazone, s-metolachlor, and metribuzin in a concentrated formulation that covers more acres than similar herbicides at equivalent field rates. It allows soybean growers to maximize weed control while lowering use rates and reducing the need for re-treatments and tank-mixing. According to Dr. Michael Cox, lead researcher on Antares Complete, it’s that optimized ratio of active ingredients that makes Antares Complete a top-performing soybean herbicide.

“We’re completing our fourth year of research on Antares Complete, and in that time, we’ve been able to make sure it’s versatile across a broad range of conditions,” says Dr. Cox, Crop Protection Specialist for Research and Development at Helena. “We’ve evaluated its performance in the field and made the right adjustments in the lab to produce a product that will broaden control of extensive weed populations in soybeans.”

Antares Complete will be available for the 2021 growing season, pending approval by state regulatory agencies. Customers are encouraged to contact their Helena representative or an authorized Antares Complete dealer to secure their orders now. Antares Complete is labeled for use in spring and fall pre-plant incorporated, pre-plant burndown/surface, and pre-emergence applications in soybeans.