Seipasa Forms Distribution Agreements with Agritop and QSI in South American Market

José Luis Egas, Commercial Director of Seipasa-LATAM, and Daniel Zapata, National Sales Manager of QSI-Ecuador agricultural division, during the presentation that took place in Quevedo, Ecuador.

Seipasa, the Spanish company specializing in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants, and fertilizers for agriculture, has presented its new product catalog in Peru and Ecuador, two markets in which the company is reinforcing and increasing its international presence.


Seipasa has signed a distribution agreement for the Peruvian market with Agritop-Peru, a company specialising in plant nutrition that offers technical assessment and that supplies agricultural production inputs.

In Ecuador, Seipasa’s products will be distributed through the sales network of QSI-Ecuador S.A, a firm with 41 years’ experience distributing all types of solutions for different industrial sectors and agriculture.

The products marketed have a high level of technological innovation in their development and formulation and are registered with Agrocalidad (the Ecuadorian control and regulating agency for the protection and improvement of animal health, plant health and food safety) and the Peruvian National Agricultural Safety Service (SENASA). In the coming months Seipasa’s catalogue of products for Peru and Ecuador will be extended to include new solutions that are currently going through the process of registration.

José Luis Egas, Commercial Director of Seipasa-LATAM, highlighted Seipasa’s reputation as a Spanish company with over 20 years’ experience in formulating, producing, and commercializing biotechnological crop treatment products.

José Luis Egas, Commercial Director of Seipasa-LATAM, and Segundo Weisson, Commercial Manager of Agritop-Peru.

“We have an extensive, solid track record in the design of natural solutions based on substances of botanical and microbiological origin,” he said. “We are currently working in more than 20 countries worldwide and are keen to offer all of our experience and the quality and efficacy of our products to growers in Peru and Ecuador from the point of view of profitability and efficacy in the production of food without chemical residues.”

Segundo Weisson, Commercial Manager of Agritop-Peru, pointed to the fact that Seipasa “is a strategic supplier for building up business in the medium and long term with its biotechnology and biocontrol formulas.” Weisson also added that the goal of the two companies in Peru’s market is “to grow significantly and in line with customers’ needs, offering biological solutions that meet the requirements of the current market that calls for residue-free products with high levels of efficacy in the control of pests and diseases.”

Daniel Zapata, National Sales Manager of QSI-Ecuador agricultural division, emphasized that the focus is to seek alternatives that allow sustainable agriculture, which he describes as “much more challenging” and an area that is gaining a greater specific weight in Ecuador.

“For this market, but also for the emerging markets, we are seeking new alternatives that are accessible to producers and that offer tiered prices and economic improvements,” Zapata said. “We are sure that Seipasa is the right business partner to work with in this undertaking.”

Expansion Within the Market

In the case of Agritop-Peru, Seipasa is expanding and strengthening its presence in the Peruvian market. The company already markets Fungisei, a registered biofungicide that combats powdery mildew and botrytis, distributed by Montana. And, as will be recalled, some months ago Seipasa announced the creation of its new international business units, amongst which is the Latin American unit, with headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, under the management of José Luis Egas.