Agricultural Robotics Take Center Stage at FIRA 2018


The International Forum of Agricultural Robotics (FIRA) features speakers from around the world.

The future of agricultural innovation will continue to rely heavily on collaboration and exchange of ideas among all industry players. This is perhaps nowhere more evident than the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics (FIRA). Now in its third year, FIRA will once again unite all the driving forces in the ag robotics field December 11-12 in Toulouse, France.


According to the event organizers, FIRA 2018 is built on four main goals:

  1. Share Needs and Challenges: Testimonials and feedback from farmers who’ve embraced or refused farmbots, followed by an excursion into the new world of agricultural revolution.
  2. Understand and Discover Agricultural Innovation: From the creators’ experience to the discovery of upcoming and existing solutions.
  3. Invent Tomorrow’s Agriculture. Keynotes by great entrepreneurs who have turned robotics into the driving force behind agricultural, industrial, and agro-food revolution.
  4. Stimulate Collaboration: A morning of exchanges and meetings to foster collaborations between researchers, users, creators, and suppliers.

Day 1 of the event will showcase multiple speakers with unique perspectives on the hot topic at hand. Some of the featured presentations include:

  • Agricultural Robots: The Future of Farming? Marc Vanacht, Consultant (U.S.)
  • Focus on Field Robots in Australia. Salah Sukkarieh, University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Agricultural Robotics: How an International Group Met the Challenge. Maurice Gohlke, Bosch Deepfield Robotics (Germany)
  • Presentation of Hands-Free Hectare Project. Richard Green, Harper Adams University (UK)
  • Ag Robots and Drones for Agriculture in the Developing Countries. Santiago Santos Valle, F.A.O. (Italy)

On Day 2, attendees will discover the latest innovations for sustainable, efficient, and profitable agriculture through 10-minute pitches by more than 20 companies, as well as have an opportunity to network with peers and visit the exhibition area.

Meister Media Worldwide — including its brands AgriBusiness Global, CropLife,, and PrecisionAg — is among the media partners for FIRA 2018. James C. Sulecki, Meister’s Chief Content Officer and moderator for the session “The Robotic Revolution,” says the collaboration is a good fit and comes at the right time. “We feel strongly that robotics will be critical to the future of agriculture, especially in specialty crops,” he says.

If interested in attending and participating at FIRA 2018, registration details can be found here.