Trade Summit: Final Program Announced, Delivers Expanded Content for 2020

We’re kicking it up a notch: The 2020 Trade Summit Online Conference and Trade Show will feature the most robust content of any conference offered in the crop protection space, expertly curated by the Editors of AgriBusiness Global and Meister Media Worldwide for this unique time in history.

Here’s all the business information you can expect, now more critical than ever and in a changed world:

  • Because we’re providing insight into what comes next: What’s Next for Ag Economies and Crop Input Companies? Join CoBank’s Kenneth Zuckerberg, Senior Economist, Corporate Strategist and Lead Industry Analyst to discuss how agriculture economies are more globally interdependent than ever, and how disruptions create a ripple effect of unintended consequences that can result in sudden demand shifts ranging from immediate and temporary to protracted and permanent. Learn why COVID is more than a disruption: It’s a seminal moment in the transformation of food production systems and the use of crop inputs that drive those systems. Understand how shifting consumer demand is changing the seed we plant, the food we eat, and ultimately the demand for traditional crop protection and fertilizer products.
  • Because industry-leading data is still our core focus: Around the World in 60 Minutes: 2020-2021 Supply and Demand Outlook: Join Kynetec’s Dr. Bob Fairclough, Principal Consultant for Ag Market Insights as he shares industry-leading benchmark data on crop input supply, demand, and trending shifts in agriculture production and product use around the world. Learn how major markets in the U.S., EU, and Brazil are planning for 2020-2021, and identify opportunities in emerging marketing in LATAM, Asia and Eastern Europe. We know this talk is a big reason many attend the Trade Summit, and this year will feature more opportunity to ask questions and interact with presenters during the conference sessions.
  • Because the supply chain has never been more important: How To Mitigate Supply Chain Risk, Expert Panel Discussion and Live Q&A: Join Stephen Pearce, Director of AWP Associates, to discuss supply, demand, and logistics as companies navigate a new normal amid heightened uncertainty and ongoing disruption. He’ll also lead a discussion with a panel of experts to explore individual markets, affected AIs, and what you can do to ensure your business is positioned to thrive during the downturn and capitalize on the economic rebound. Pearce is an editorial advisor to AgriBusiness Global and is an expert in strategic sourcing.

New for 2020: The AgriBusiness Global Newsmaker Series: Join AgriBusiness Global Editors as they interview key agriculture leaders from around the world to learn more about individual markets and issues ranging from supply/demand trends, ecommerce, regulatory changes, precision application, biological products, crop production trends, and how to mitigate disruptions in agriculture businesses. 

On-demand modules include:

Trade and Tariffs with Fanwood Chemical’s Jim DeLisi: Learn more about international trade, consolidation, import trends, China tariffs, shipping and logistics.

India Update with PMFAI’s Samir Dave: Get updates on India’s plan to ban 27 AIs and how India is preparing to compete with China going forward.

China Pricing, Productionand Logistics with David Li of SPM Biosciences: Discover price pressures and trend lines on key raw materials and technical products.

EU Regulatory Update with Knoell’s Dr. Boris Matejek: Learn how the new EU Farm to Fork Initiative could reduce pesticide use by 50% by 2030 and curb the use of mineral fertilizers by 20%. 

Biological Products with DunhamTrimmer’s Rick Melnick: Understand the parallels between the biopesticide and biostimulant segments, including drivers for adoption, consolidation, and potential M&A activity.

Precision Application with Rantizo CEO Michael Ott: Learn how swarming and advancements in autonomous flight and refilling is making drones as productive and efficient as traditional application methods.

Africa/Middle East: CropLife Africa Middle East CEO Samira Amellal discusses how COVID has urged governments to digitize registration processes and work more closely with industry to address food security.  

ASIA: CropLife Asia’s Siang Hee Tan explores shifting supply chains and how national governments are investing to maintain safe, secure, and affordable food systems.  

LATAM Regulatory: CropLife Latin America President Jose Perdermo explains regulatory challenges and changes that could affect the supply and demand of key AIs.

Russia and Ukraine: APK Inform’s Svitlana Synkovska details how Europe’s breadbasket has capitalized on shifting trade agreements to supply 24% of the world’s grain exports, and crop input use is rising along with them.  

New Chemistry for Weed Resistance: Belchim Crop Protection’s Tom Wood discusses a new pyridate tank-mix product slated for commercialization this year, and how suppliers are managing supply chains and M&A opportunities.  

The New Adama with US CEO Jake Brodsgaard: Examine challenges and opportunities in the near future, how the company is growing through partnerships in key markets, and how its ownership and management structure is a boon for risk mitigation and its corporate culture.

Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to the Trade Summit Resource Center for on-demand videos, podcasts, webinars, downloadable reports, industry data, and more.

The 2020 Trade Summit Online Conference and Trade Show will feature Peak Hours during 21-25 September and will have expanded access for attendees to deliver the world’s most active community of buyers and sellers of crop inputs.