Liberia: Agro-dealers Cautioned on Safe Use of Inputs

The president of the National Agro-dealers Association of Liberia (NADAL) has cautioned agro-dealers in the country on the proper use of inputs, writes Judoemue Kollie on Madam Rebecca Kalayi spoke yesterday to the Daily Observer during a one day visit to agro-dealers at the Red Light General Market and the Bernard Farm Community in Paynesville. According to Kalayi, many smallholder farmers will be attracted to the use of agro-inputs provided that inputs are properly delivered to them.

More than 25 agro-dealers in the Red Light district and Bernard Farm Community were visited by Madam Kalayi, who said there are plans to extend her visit to other agro-dealers in other parts of the country. β€œI am here to acquaint myself with the work of the agro-input dealers to ensure that they are truly applying knowledge acquired from previous training. We must adequately be able to handle agro-chemicals, if we are to promote and increase food production. There are many challenges still facing the agro-chemicals industry that we intend to address,” she said.


She mentioned that some agro-dealers are being harassed by the police when taking their goods to the market. β€œIt is being reported by some members of our organization that they are constantly being arrested by the police, without tangible reasons. We want the police to allow our members free movement whenever they are trading their goods within the country,” she mentioned.