Precision Application Asia Coming to Bangkok in November; Call for Presentations Open

Emerging precision technologies – especially drones/UAVs by air and “see & spray” units by ground – have the potential to revolutionize application and disrupt the entire production-to-distribution channel for crop input products. This is especially true of drone application in Asia, which has a welcoming environment for new technology and a societal need to move past its antiquated system of backpack spraying.

Precision Application Asia Coming to Bangkok in November; Call for Presentations OpenHow will these technologies be used, now and in the future? What will be the impact on current crop protection products – product selection, formulation, “pounds on the ground”? How can market leaders prepare for the coming disruption?


Precision Application™ Asia — a new conference organized by Meister Media Worldwide’s PrecisionAg Global and AgriBusiness Global brands — will set out to answer these questions and more. The two-day event will be held Nov. 5-6, 2019, at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse in Bangkok, Thailand.

Precision Application Asia Coming to Bangkok in November; Call for Presentations Open

David Frabotta, Meister Media Worldwide, is Program Chair for Precision Application Asia.

“Change is happening quickly in precision application, especially in Asia and Latin America,” says David Frabotta, 2019 Precision Application Asia Program Chair and Editorial Market Development Editor, PrecisionAg Global and AgriBusiness Global. “For months we’ve gotten feedback that there is a general lack of awareness across the crop input industry about the shape these application technologies are taking and how fast they are likely be adopted — but even more importantly, how they might affect the entire crop input industry. We feel the need is urgent to hold this conference as soon as possible, to help the agribusiness industry prepare for the likely change.”

Frabotta says Precision Application Asia is a can’t-miss conference for anyone on the front lines of crop inputs in Asia – whether in product development, formulation, and marketing of agrichemicals, biologicals, and plant health, or in the development and marketing of equipment and technology to take these products to the field.

The agenda, currently under development will be organized into three main topical areas:

Application Technology Update. On the day one (Nov. 5), conference attendees will learn from expert presenters about the new and emerging application technologies and innovations that are likeliest to be adopted in Asian region as well as the estimated rates — and timelines — for adoption. Technology updates and roundtable discussions also will be featured as part of the conference agenda.

Regulatory Outlook. On the morning of day two (Nov. 6), attendees will learn about the obstacles and green lights that are likeliest to impact the speed of change in precision application in Asia, including allowed uses of application technology and changes in agrichemical product labeling.

The Coming Impact on Crop Inputs. Finally, the conference will conclude with an in-depth discussion about how more-precise application could bring about any number of effects to the current crop input manufacturing and distribution system — including overall lower use rates, increased use of “old” chemistries, new AIs, and a reduction in the total hectares of GM crops planted.

Frabotta says industry experts interested in presenting at Precision Application Asia are welcome to submit their proposals through the event site’s “Call for Presentations” page.

Interested attendees also are urged to sign up for notifications of furthers details about Precision Application Asia, to be announced soon.