Thailand: Stricter Application Rules Set for Three Key Agrochemicals

A number of ministers and officials are vowing to continue pushing for a ban on three controversial agrichemicals – paraquat, glyphosate, and chlorpyrifos – all still widely used in Thai agriculture, writes Greeley Pulitzer at The Thaiger.

Meanwhile, strict measures on using the three chemicals, announced on April 5 and set take effect on October 20, have brought cheers from consumers and NGOs but protests from some farmers, who claim they still need to use the such chemicals.


When the new measures come into effect, farmers will have to provide certification that they have been trained on how to properly use the pesticides and herbicides, the crops they will be used on, and the area – all to calculate the amount of chemicals to be purchased. The person spraying the pesticides must be licensed, and shops may sell to registered and only tested farmers only. Manufacturers, importers and exporters must inform officials about production, import or export processes, and the purpose of possession.

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