AlgaEnergy Joins the Japan Biostimulant Association

AlgaEnergy has joined the Japan Biostimulant Association (JBSA), the organization of reference in the sector comprised by the main players in the Japanese biostimulants industry. This association aims to standardize and promote the use of biostimulants.

AlgaEnergy keeps consolidating itself as a global benchmark in the market of agricultural biostimulants. The years of research behind its products, as well as their uniqueness, have been the basis of the success story of AgriAlgae in all markets where it is already present, and are the stepping stone for its accelerated internationalization. In this context, AlgaEnergy’s membership of the JBSA, approved by the Board in July, is an important step forward in terms of the company’s positioning and support to the global market.


Regarding AlgaEnergy’s recent adhesion to JBSA, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Manager of the company, highlighted that “AlgaEnergy is a pioneer in the biostimulant industry, developing a unique range of microalgae based biostimulants in world premiere. Having worked on the development of the biostimulants sector at a European level from EBIC, during the last years with considerable success, we understand we will be able to contribute with our knowledge to the development and consolidation of the sector also in the Japanese market, from the JBSA.”