Profile: Brandt

What is your most innovative product, service or research initiative?

The Manni-Plex line of micronutrients utilizes complex sugar alcohols that optimize the delivery, uptake and movement of micronutrients in the plant. Brandt has three precision agriculture products (High Q Decision Support, NutraZone Manager and Autopilot RTK Network); through continuous research, Brandt verifies that current practices being used by growers are actually improving farm productivity. 


Brandt continues to identify mechanisms by which crops accept and move nutrients most efficiently, and develops more effective formulations and delivery systems. The “Brandt Smart System” is an advance system allowing pesticides to be tank mixed with micronutrients without any antagonism or loss of efficacy. The “NeoTec (Sesamin EC)” is a naturally-derived, minimal risk nematicide that is gaining fast market share in many countries.

What are some of the supply/demand factors influencing the agrochemical industry for 2011?

Harmonizing development with environmental conservation is one of mankind’s most important challenges for the agrochemical industry. Demand for the use of biopesticides and low-risk pesticides is increasing for sustainable agriculture. Although biopesticides have proven to increase the safety and comfort of our living environment, the market demands more consistent field performance and the need to be promoted in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainable development. The agrochemical industry has contributed over the course of the last 20 years by offering safer and friendly low–risk products. However, there is a greater demand from the public for broader environmentally friendly products. This means more R&D effort.

What will you do to deliver high-quality products and services despite the hard economic times?

Utilizing cost–effective field data through many years of research to convince growers and distributors to adopt new and profitable products and strategies. By working with the clients collaboratively, Brandt has and is developing solutions that are effective, more sustainable and help to contribute to our client’s market differentiation and financial success. It is important to have our clients view Brandt as a trusted resource partner rather than simply a supplier.

Additionally, Brandt has diverse nutrients, crop protection, adjuvants, seeds and precision agriculture products. The company is in a unique position to promote a “plant health” concept to our clients. Brandt has proven to its clients that this concept is a solution toward better yield and quality.