ADAMA to Launch Soybean Fungicide in Brazil

Global crop protection company ADAMA has announced that is ready to launch its distinctive fungicide, CRONNOS, in Brazil, the world’s largest soybean market. A final regulatory approval from the Agricultural Ministry is expected in the coming days.

CRONNOS is a unique three-way mixture fungicide for soybean rust, including a multisite protectant. Its liquid formulation, CRONNOS TOV provides effective protection for soybean diseases, saves time for growers by strongly adhering to the plants’ leaves and preventing spray nozzles from clogging. Its flexibility provides farmers with further benefit by being able to apply the fungicide at any time during the plant’s development.


Soybean rust is a highly impactful disease which causes significant damage. It is particularly destructive since it can develop very quickly, be carried by wind over large distances, and cause rapid, irreparable loss of leaves, with the possibility of causing crop losses of up to 80%. The market size of this key segment amounts to approximately $1.6 billion annually.

“Soybean rust has developed resistance over the years and there was an urgent need to create a viable, long-term strategy for soybean fungicides,” said Rodrigo Gutierrez, VP ADAMA Brazil. “With its unique liquid formulation, CRONNOS TOV is creating a new age of combating this devastating disease and will become a vital solution for Brazilian farmers in protecting their soybean yields and livelihood.”

The launch of CRONNOS, together with the recently launched NIMITZ in Brazil, is expected to bring highly effective and safe solutions to farmers, and to make a significant contribution to the growth of ADAMA.