U.S.: Midac FC Insecticide Receives EPA Approval

Potato and sugarbeet growers who want long-lasting control of sucking and chewing pests have a unique new tool. The U.S. EPA recently registered Midac FC (imidacloprid) and it becomes the newest addition to Vive Crop Protection’s product lineup, according to a company news release.

“For many years, farmers have had to choose between applying liquid fertilizer at plant, or protecting the crop with imidacloprid. Equipment modifications were required, or the product needed to be applied at much lower  rates as a seed treatment. Now, with new Midac FC, farmers can apply both liquid fertilizer and imidacloprid at planting, and at a rate that will provide long-lasting control of key pests in potatoes and sugarbeets,” says Dan Bihlmeyer, VP Sales & Marketing  at Vive Crop Protection.


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