Dr. Nomman Ahmed
Dr. Nomman Ahmed is the Senior Director of Insights & Consulting for Kynetec, a global leader in agricultural and animal health market research. Nomman’s role is to provide deeper insights from Kynetec’s rich primary data sources covering industry, retail-sector as well as the grower. Prior to joining Kynetec, Nomman worked for the Kleffmann Group, where he served as both member of the board and regional manager of the Asia Pacific region. As a board member he was responsible for amis® AgriGlobe®, Kleffmann’s consulting division for the crop protection and seed sectors. Prior to his time at Kleffmann, Nomman spent several years in academia, including the Centre for International Development & Environmental Research in Giessen, Germany. He holds a PhD in Agricultural & Development Economics, a master’s degree in Transition Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science & Environmental Management, all from the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. In addition, he has authored numerous publications and papers in his field of expertise and has delivered multiple lectures. His peer-reviewed publications and talks address Agricultural Economics, Climate Change Economics, AgChem & Seed. He is a regular contributor to AgriBusiness Global and can be reached at [email protected].