Bancella Expands African Footprint

Bancella Ltd., headquartered in Mauritius, has taken another step in growing the footprint in Africa by taking what is described as a material position in South African based Dux Agri (Pty) Ltd, a specialist plant physiology company.

Bancella founder and CEO John Barnes commented: “This is a significant deal in the development of Bancella and we are delighted to partner with Dux Agri. Dux Agri has a proven track record of successful product incubation, coupled with practical and professional commercialization of biostimulant solutions. This Dux Agri partnership sits at the heart of the Bancella strategy to be a leading player in the Bio-Solutions market in Africa. The deal was forged from the synergistic and complimentary nature of Bancella and Dux Agri philosophies of providing end to end farmers solutions through a thorough understanding of the plant’s physiological needs.”


“We endeavor to be enablers for modern growers to meet the increasing demands by food companies and consumers to provide safe, high quality food, sustainably,” said Charlie Bender, Managing Director Dux Agri. “The philosophy of Bancella as a company that works with a small group of strategic partners serving high value agricultural and health markets in AME & Asia is very appealing to all at Dux Agri.”

Dux Agri is the distribution partner for Plant Health Care PLC and has successfully introduced Messenger, Pro-Act, and Myconate technologies in South Africa in the sub-tropical, deciduous and cereal crops. These are now main stream products that farmers depend on for sustainable yield and quality improvements. Plant Health Care Chairman and CEO Chris Richards endorsed the extended partnership of Bancella and Dux Agri. “The industry knowledge and grower insights of this partnership is phenomenal,” he said.