China Cracks Down on Counterfeiting

Earlier this year, The China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) announced that it would form working groups to regulate the supply of key actives based on global demand so overcapacity would not harm prices and profits (Visit our archives for more on CCPIA’s working groups).

The working groups stemmed from a colossal loss of profits in 2009 after many herbicides, mainly glyphosate, lost their price integrity in the wake of oversupply. Adding to the overcapacity of legitimate companies are illegal ones that often do businesses with unsuspecting importers abroad.


In the latest move by CCPIA, its 2,4-D working group announced it would begin to identify these spurious organizations and prevent them from trading with other companies in China, as well as inhibit their international deals by notifying the appropriate government agencies that register and regulate pesticides.

The working group members include Heilong Chemical, Rainbow Chemical, Wintafone Chemical, Songliao Chemical, which all vow to “stop the supply and business relationship with those companies who sourced from such illegal 2,4-D producers,” according to a statement sent to FCI.

The consortium will also participate with government organizations that facilitate the import, export, regulation, registration and screening of pesticides in China.